Refinish Bathroom Doors

You can bring new life to your bathroom doors with little effort and few layers of paint or stain. This it-yourself project can be completed in as little as a day, but can take two, depending on the drying time of their refinishing products. You do not need special skills to give your bathroom doors do more, just remember to paint or stain in the direction of the wood grain with long, smooth strokes. Set the work surface.

door must be horizontal, flat and high ground. finish can cause puddle and accumulate if Refinish your bathroom or any door that is directly on the floor. Place two wooden easels side by side so you can put the door through them level rise.

Refinish Bathroom Doors

Remove bathroom door from hinges. Slide and remove hinge pin from bottom hinge first, then from top hinge. Remove door and place it on your work surface.

Remove all of hardware from door, including doorknob. Sand door on both sides with medium grade sandpaper. Using rotary sander is much faster and easier than sanding by hand.

Remove sanding debris and sand door again with light-grade sandpaper to remove scratches left by medium-grade paper. Remove all of sanding debris with damp cloth. Apply coat of primer if you plan to paint door , or layer of stain.

You can find primer and paint that is specially formulated to resist moisture and mildew present in bathroom environment. Let primer or stain dry according to manufacturer’s directions. Flip door over and repeat this step on opposite side.

Let finish dry.

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How to Refinish Bathroom Doors

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