Reduce Lung Cancer Risks

Lung cancer causes more deaths in United States than any other form of cancer. Ironically, it is one of most common cancers and one of most preventable. No surgery is considered incurable, and survival rate beyond five years is quite low.

So take action now to help prevent this deadly disease. Stop smoking. With almost 90% of all cases of lung cancer are attributed to consumption of snuff, stop is one of best things you can do to reduce your risk of developing condition.

Reduce Lung Cancer Risks

And if you don’t smoke – don’t start. Limit environmental exposures to asbestos, chromium, uranium and air pollutions. If you have to work around any of these toxic elements, reduce your risk of exposure by wearing protective clothing.

Avoid second hand smoke whenever possible. It’s been proven second hand smoke is just as harmful as primary inhalation. Don’t allow guests to smoke in your house and avoid businesses that allow their customers to smoke.

Check your house for radon gas, especially if it’s older home. There are many companies out there that can test amount of radon in your home and install treatment systems to mitigate problem if necessary. Visit your doctor regularly for check ups, including chest x-ray if you are or have been heavy smoker.

Though risks increase in adults over age of 60, lung cancer can strike at any age.

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How to Reduce Lung Cancer Risks

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