Reduce Density of Allergens

In United States, 34.1 million Americans suffer from asthma and 40 to 50 million Americans suffer from indoor allergies. Many of allergens that cause these diseases and symptoms, including molds, pollen, dander and dust mites can be found inside your home. Six out of 10 are exposed to pet dander on regular basis and eight out of 10 are exposed to dust mites.

minimization density allergens inside your home starts with few changes to your regular routine. Keep doors and windows closed. While good weather invites people to open windows, it also invites pollen inside.

Reduce Density of Allergens

Keeping windows closed and using air conditioning minimizes pollen and also reduces dust mites because humidity has been reduced. Vacuum your carpets at least once or twice week using vacuum with HEPA filter to reduce dust vacuum cleaner puts into air. Dust all surfaces in house on regular basis.

Use damp cloth or polish to allow you to collect dust rather than just disperse it into air. Wash all bed sheets once week in hot water to kill dust mites. Place decorative pillows or items that cannot be washed in airtight container for at least 48 hours to kill dust mites.

Use dehumidifier to control humidity in your home. more humid your home is greater chance you have of mold spores. Reduce moisture levels in areas with water, such as kitchen and bathroom.

Reduce amount of household plants because soil is breeding ground for mold. Consider silk plants instead.

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How to Reduce Density of Allergens

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