Recharge My Window Air Conditioner Unit

A window air conditioner only emits cold air when loaded with sufficient amount of refrigerant gas. It stored in protected part of unit, coolant or refrigerant, will not wear or evaporate, but small leaks can cause seep out gradually. air conditioning with insufficient coolant stops producing cold air efficiently and takes longer to cool room.

Despite addition of coolant is essential step in preparing for air conditioning during summer season, you may need to recharge unit several times during season. spread towel or sheet section near floor level electrical outlet. Remove air conditioning unit window and put it on sheet.

Recharge My Window Air Conditioner Unit

Use screwdriver to remove screws that hold unit’s metal shell casing. Grasp loose shell firmly, and slide it off unit to reveal metal cylinder, called compressor. If casing does not slide off, locate and loosen hidden screws in middle or inner corners.

Examine two hoses on compressor, and locate larger one. You will insert coolant through this hose. Also examine two valves on can of coolant.

Connect larger valve, or service valve, to larger hose on compressor. Connect tap valve, or smaller valve on coolant can, to smaller of two hoses on compressor. Plug air conditioner into electrical outlet.

Turn on air conditioner to coolest setting to begin recharging process. coolant will slowly begin to flow into system.

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How to Recharge My Window Air Conditioner Unit

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