Recharge Batteries With Solar Cells

Solar modules produce direct current DC, which can be used to charge both 12-volt car batteries and small rechargeable household 1.5 volt batteries used in many devices and toys. Charging For car batteries, it is advisable to use battery-charge controller to ensure that the batteries are not overcharged. small household batteries charging requires the purchase of one of many DC battery chargers on the market, which can be plugged into electrical socket in the car. /> Connect batteries
Recharge Batteries With Solar Cells

This may be written as Imp and will be given in amps. If you have several solar panels connected in parallel, add current produced by each panel to determine maximum current produced by array. The charge controller ensures that batteries not overcharged — which could seriously damage batteries.

Go to renewable energy supplier, or go on Internet, and buy battery charge controller sized for maximum current produced by solar panels. Ask supplier what gauge copper wire you need to connect solar panels to controller, and buy enough wire to make connection. Connect solar panels to charge controller, following instructions in controller manual.

Connect charge controller to batteries. charge controller should show you that batteries are now being charged by solar panel. Buy charger for small rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

Make sure it is car cigarette lighter type that works on DC electricity over range of voltages between 12 and 24 volts.

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How to Recharge Batteries With Solar Cells

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