Recaulk Bathroom

While steps to re-caulk bathroom are simple, they are time consuming. Plan to recaulking bathing weekend event, preferably without children around. good rule of thumb would be that the shower Friday morning and the strip of old caulk, and clean the area at night.

Let tiles dry overnight and apply to your caulk Saturday morning. In theory, bath will be ready for use by Sunday night. If done correctly, good caulk in the bathroom can save you thousands and prevent water damage and mold to ruin your bathroom.

Recaulk Bathroom

Remove all of old caulk from area. Silicone caulk will be more rubber-like and will remove well with razor blade. Hardened latex caulk might come off easier if you heat it first with heat gun or hair dryer, then use razor blade.

Wipe area clean of all debris, using vacuum if necessary to remove all excess bits from between wall and tub or sink. Do not soak area to clean it. Just wipe surface and clear away any mildew with mild soap or mildew cleaner.

Prepare area by wiping it with some alcohol over tile and tub. This should help clear out any leftover water and strip surface so caulk can hold better. If area, especially behind tile, seems to be moist, allow it to sit overnight with fan running before adding caulk.

If area is not dry, you don’t want to seal in moisture behind tile. Working from corners out, apply your caulk in narrow ΒΌ-inch bead along joints needed. It is usually best to work back wall vertical joint lines, then back wall horizontal line, followed by narrow sides of tub.

Work quickly but cleanly so caulk doesn’t have time to skin over. Moisten your finger and run in over caulk line, pressing caulk into joint. At any point you feel there is too much excess caulk on your finger, wipe it on sponge.

Too much caulk will give unfinished and unprofessional look. If you didn’t use enough caulk, apply bit more to area needed and wipe with your wet finger. Remember to work quickly.

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