Rebuild Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet

Learning to rebuild bathroom faucet Glacier Bay takes only minutes. faucet design incorporates easy maintenance limited number of parts and requires no special tools or equipment to service. Once you have buyd your replacement glacier bay faucet parts and is ready to start rebuilding the tap, should only take about half an hour to complete.

Close water supplies. Under the bathroom sink lavatory, there are two shutoff valves bright chrome water supply. Turn the valve metal or plastic handle clockwise until it stops.

Rebuild Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet

Turn hot and cold levers of faucet on, this is to alleviate any pressure in water lines and faucet. Remove lever handles. On top of each handle is small index button with either H or C stamped into it.

These buttons are covering up handle holding screw. Pop out each button with your fingers–they should come out relatively easily. Looking down inside hole under button, you will see top on holding screw, remove screw with your screwdriver.

Pull off handles. Under handles, you will see small plastic hexagon-shaped inverter nut. This nut is adapter from faucet stem to lever handle.

Pull off each inverter and set it to side with lever handles. Remove faucet cartridges. Unscrew bonnet nuts that hold cartridges in place.

nuts are round on bottom and hexagon-shaped on top. Using your pliers, unscrew bonnet nuts by holding onto hexagon top of nut, then set them aside with handles. Pull out each cartridge with pliers or by hand if they are loose.

Make mental note of position each cartridge is in as you remove it.

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How to Rebuild Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet

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