Re-Paint and Re-Glaze Enamel Bathtub

No matter how well the tubs are kept, they are likely to lose their luster and eventually you can pick up the rust and mildew. Replacing the tub is expensive proposition, not to mention problems with plumbing and remodeling. Repainted with enamel bathtubs are simple and cost effective alternative for the renovation of the old baths.

Most bathtubs are made of cast iron and enamel layer or two can make them look close again. Clean the tub with liquid cleaner bathrooms off-the-rack. Oil stains, grease, mildew or soap scum stains will not allow the enamel to bond with the surface of the bath, and leave visible marks even after repainting.

Re-Paint and Re-Glaze Enamel Bathtub

Scrub thoroughly and remove as much surface grease as possible. Sand tub surface with medium grit sandpaper or palm sanders. idea is to smooth and level out entire surface evenly.

Once finished, wipe off sanding dust using damp rag. Cover surrounding areas, bathroom floor and walls, with newspapers. Tape off areas of bath that you don’t intend to paint.

Paint tub using enamel paint. Enamel paint will not just give glossy look, but also will weather wear and tear. You can either use paint brush or high volume low pressure spray gun.

Paint your surface in uniform back and forth motion to retain even coating. Let base coat of enamel paint dry, and apply second coat to get smoother look. Apply acrylic paint as topcoat.

Follow same procedures as before. Apply two coats of acrylic. Let first coat fully dry before you apply second coat.

final coat of paint may dry in couple of hours, but give bath surface 24 to 48 hours to fully cure before stepping in.

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How to Re-Paint and Re-Glaze Enamel Bathtub

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