Raise Money for Cancer Patient

Treat cancer is emotional and stressful time. Treatment costs can add to stress of patient feels and to detriment of their true ever better approach. Put on spaghetti dinner.

A spaghetti dinner is easy and inexpensive for host event. Gather some volunteers-family and friends, and event will run pretty well. Consider contacting local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for more help.

Raise Money for Cancer Patient

Advertise dinner in newspapers, bulletin boards and fliers. Host 50 or 50 raffle. If you sell raffle tickets for $1 each, for example, and you sell 500 tickets, person holding winning raffle ticket gets $250 and group sponsoring raffle gets $250. This event can be hosted in conjunction with another event, such as spaghetti dinner, football game or summer carnival.

Organize auction. Approach local businesses to donate items or gift certificates for auction. You can have traditional auction-with auctioneer-or use raffle tickets.

Put all donated items on display, with small container in front of each item. Sell raffle tickets, then attendees can drop their tickets in containers of items they would like to win. winner is drawn for each item.

Hold auction at school gymnasium, church hall or banquet center. Plan walkathon. Ask local T-shirt printing company about donation of T-shirts.

Each walker pays entrance fee, which includes their T-shirt. All money collected will go to cancer patient. Put on benefit yard sale, garage sale or rummage sale.

If possible, have multiple families join in. Ask them to donate all proceeds to cancer patient fund. Or host rummage sale at church, school or banquet facility.

Encourage donations from everyone at sale.

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How to Raise Money for Cancer Patient

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