Raise Money for Cancer Benefit

If you are put in charge of raising money for profit of cancer, raising lot of money can seem daunting. With any type of fundraising, it is important to stay organized, plan your early events and spread word about your benefit to get attention. Since its benefit cancer is important, take time and energy to share with others why you are making benefit and benefit that will help cancer.

targets for cancer benefit. Determine amount of money you want to raise, and brainstorm fundraising to help get money. Give yourself month or two before benefit to begin raising money and start getting word out through advertising.

Raise Money for Cancer Benefit

Make sure that your benefit does not coincide with other community events so that you can get larger attendance. Determine if you want to just take pledges and donations, participate in door-to-door fundraising or put on event fundraisers such as walk-a-thons, bake sales and car washes. You can do all three if you want to maximize your fundraising potential.

Gather volunteers to help you with fundraising. If you want to have bake sale so proceeds go to benefit, enlist all of your friends and volunteers to provide baked goods, and then set up bake sale booth at community event or farmer’s market. Volunteers may also go door-to-door for donations and to local businesses for pledges or additional donations.

Spread word through advertising. Call local radio or newspaper, and ask for them to mention your upcoming fundraising event for your cancer benefit and send them press release for posting. Hang fliers on community bulletin boards in grocery store, library or post office, pass out flyers or brochures at church or public meeting and contact local schools to see if they will make announcement for your event.

Go green while raising money for your cancer benefit by having recycling drive, and spreading word to community to get rid of their cans and bottles so you can recycle them to add money to cancer benefit.

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How to Raise Money for Cancer Benefit

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