Quiet Outside Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners, especially type outside housing pedestal type are much air move. They can be loud, and sound can travel inside or disturbing neighbors. Quieting outdoor air conditioning unit requires soundproofing and cleaning unit.

Despite new external units can be noisy, so replacing unit could not solve problem. Fan blades and compressor all make noise, so big barrier must be made to silence unit. Fan blades clean air conditioner because they can cause noise.

Quiet Outside Air Conditioning Unit

If noise problem isn’t solved, clean rest of unit. Consider replacing compressor if it’s old and noisy. If unit isn’t quiet enough, continue on and build soundproof barrier.

Cut fence posts and fence panels to height about 6 inches taller than air conditioning unit. Determine locations where fence posts will be installed. privacy fence will surround unit on three sides and will be installed just few inches outside of air conditioner.

Each side will be just few inches longer than unit. Mark spot for fence posts at each corner. Dig fence post holes.

Install fence posts by hammering them into ground and filling holes with dirt. Attach all fence panels using screws. Paint or stain fence.

Cut sheets of sound-absorbent cell foam to fit inside of your fence-style sound barrier. Glue cell foam from top to bottom of fence, using foam glue.

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How to Quiet Outside Air Conditioning Unit

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