Put Tissue Paper in Gift Bag

Placing gift in paper bag gift can be decorative and convenient way for gift giving. However, simply placing uncovered in empty gift bag may seem insincere. Wrapping gift before placing it in bag is redundant, and wads of crumpled tissue paper can make whole thing seem hasty disaster.

decorative and well placed placing tissue paper can quickly add flare to otherwise plain bag and show recipient who cared enough to put extra special touch to your gift. Take first piece of tissue paper and placed in gift bag inside on top and covering gift. This piece is not part of decor, but simply intended gift blanket to see when bag stands.

Put Tissue Paper in Gift Bag

From remaining pieces of tissue paper, chose 5 sheets, preferably of contrasting colors that match gift bag and make 10 pieces by cutting or gently tearing sheets in half. This will make for decorative bag display. For more simple display, use 4 sheets and stop after Step 4.

Take 1 sheet of tissue paper and lay it flat. Take second sheet of same, or of contrasting color, and place it on top of first sheet so that top of second sheet sits approximately 3 inches lower than top of first sheet. This will create layered look.

Note piece on bottom will be outermost piece when placed in bag. Fold right and left sides of paper in toward center until tissue paper is width of gift bag. Then repeat Steps 3 and 4 so that you have 2 groups of tissue paper.

Place one of tissue paper arrangements you have made into bag with tall piece extending from bag about 5 inches and smaller piece extending about 2 inches. paper should stay by itself, but can be attached to side of bag with tape if necessary. Repeat this process with other paper arrangement on other side.

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How to Put Tissue Paper in Gift Bag

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