Put Solar Power on Van

Installation of solar panels on van can be moderately difficult, depending on the model of van working around moonroofs and sunroofs take some degree of skill and solar panels you want to attach. However, it will be worth it, as the sun pay for free green energy up and out of your battery and can eventually returns depending on how much you spend on tablets. The plates are mounted only on the roof as a side solar panels power only during early morning and late evening are received due to inclination of the earth.

Dimensions Dimensions of the solar panel noticing distance between center of bolt holes. With these measurements roof of van suitable place measure to find mount plates. You can drill sunroof or else you run the risk of blocking sunroof from opening any holes within 4 inches.

Put Solar Power on Van

Mark where holes will go with grease pen, being careful to indicate where center of hole will be. Drill pilot holes with metal drill bit 1 or 8th of inch bit while wearing safety goggles. Make sure center of drill holes line up with center of where bolt holes will be.

Wrap solar panel face with blanket or cardboard to protect fragile solar cells. Then place panel on roof, careful to line up bolt holes with freshly drilled holes. Slide metal washer onto each bolt, followed by rubber washer.

Slide bolt or washer arrangement into bolt holes and then screw in nut with rubber washer on inside onto other end of bolt. Wrench nut tight with hand wrench until fitting is snug with ceiling panel. Caulk any brand of bathroom caulk will do outer bolt circumference to waterproof attachment points. Run power cable from solar panel into engine bay, you will need to drill hole out of either side of hood to allow clearance between wire and hood.

Attach voltage regulator inside engine bay wherever there is space with bolts or with zip ties as regulator is light enough to obviate hard attachment. Connect solar panel power wires to regulator, matching polarity symbols. With car off and electrical clamps removed, attach voltage regulator to battery again matching polarity .

Reattach battery clamps and remove covering on solar panels front facings. van now has supplemental solar panel.

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How to Put Solar Power on Van

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