Put in Upstairs Bathroom

Having bath in the bedroom area or run top level is needed for comfort. bathroom is ideal for most homes, but installing a half bath can work if space is limited. bathroom accessories plan to fit well with house design and create bathroom that incorporates important accessories for your family.

For example, installing double sink vanity to be ready in the morning easier. Add hot tub or steam shower as other options. Draw house plant for both levels.

Put in Upstairs Bathroom

Check if first-floor bathroom is convenient to second-floor space where you want to build bathroom. Use interior house walls to run plumbing to upstairs bathroom from below. Select best routes for plumbing and electrical needs, including house duct work for heat pump, so you can design all details for upper-floor bath.

Sketch framework design of bathroom walls. Borrow some space from nearby hallway, closet or bedroom for room enclosure. Plan bath interior layout so vanity wall is focal point wall.

Design bathroom door, so that interior view is appropriate. Draw half wall to hide toilet from main door view, for example. Enclose bath footprint with framing boards.

Do this after removing any walls in way, which is separate process. Ask expert carpenter to help you determine if house wall is weight bearing. Construct header beam and support columns to hold up any wall weight, if you plan to take out wall that is holding up part of house structure, under guidance of expert.

Frame bathroom walls with 2-by-4 boards on 16-inch centers. Nail soleplate on floor level and cut studs to fit between soleplate and top plate of room nailed to attic rafters overhead. Cover exterior walls of bath with drywall as needed.

Install crown molding or another wood trim to make bath exterior walls blend with house surroundings. Run electrical wiring and plumbing to bathroom interior while stud walls are open. Nail up drywall on bath interior walls, finish with joint compound and paint.

Add bath fixtures and hook up plumbing. Install vents from house heat pump as well. Don’t install toilet until flooring is done.

Use tile on bath floor to help protect floor below from drips and leaks. Use porcelain ceramic tiles in 9-inch squares, as one choice, with tiles installed in baseboard areas as well.

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How to Put in Upstairs Bathroom

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