Put in Solar Energy

Eco-friendly, solar energy is a viable option either assist in the current power supply or power supplies to completely fill. Some homeowners choose to install panels themselves, to save money, which they would otherwise have to pay for the installation. Unless you have extensive electrical experience, it is recommended that professional electrician panels connects your electrical system.

Since solar panels are usually mounted on the roof of the house, adequate security should be carried out. Determine the layout on the roof for solar panels. Panels should be located so they receive maximum amount of sunlight, without obstacles.

Put in Solar Energy

Usually, this means south or southwest-facing portion of roof, with nothing, such as tree branches, to block sun. Use stud finder to locate rafters of your roof. rafters will provide solid anchoring point for your panels.

Mark rafters and use chalk line so mounts will be attached in straight line. Install mounts that come in installation kit. These mounts usually hold rails that panels attach to.

mounts get attached to rafters that were previously located. Drill pilot holes with drill bit that is slightly smaller than screws included with kit. Then attach mount with provided screws using pilot holes.

Secure metal rails from kit to mounts with bolts that are also included in kit. Once rails are securely fastened, panels can be mounted. Have electrician come out and connect solar panel arrays to electrical supply for house.

Then attach and secure solar panels into place on rails with provided hardware.

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