Purchase Solar Panels for Small House

There are few questions you must answer before you buy solar panels for small house. Now that they have become more affordable option for many homeowners, there are many reputable dealers and manufacturers of solar panels. Many states offer financial incentives for residents to install in buying and solar panels, and when you consider that robust solar power system can cost $ 20,000, these discounts can be real help.

decide which system in your home you would want to replace with solar-powered system. What kind of power, you’d Solar Electric Systems turn sunlight into electricity heat as to generate, but there are also systems for hot water or heat for producing at home. Make sure that you have right kind of roof to install solar systems.

Purchase Solar Panels for Small House

You will need at least 120 square feet, and flat, south-facing roof is best. sunny west- or east-facing roof can also produce lot of power. If your roof is not option for installation, you might choose ground-mount, trellis or pergola-style application.

Make sure you get enough sun on your home during daylight hours to generate power you need. Take minute to view solar insolation map to determine how many average hours of sun your area gets. Shade will prevent your panels from absorbing light they need to generate power. Choose system with or without battery backup power.

Systems without battery backup will not generate electricity at night or in power outage, and cloudy days will produce very little electricity. If you choose system without battery, your utility provider will supply you with electricity in those off-hours. battery backup system stores energy and can provide energy you need at night or during outage or on cloudy day.

Decide whether you want aggressive, off-grid power system or only partial—-and less expensive—-grid-tie system. If you have small cabin in secluded area, off-grid system might be just what you need. Consult solar power expert to design right off-grid system for your power needs.

Generally, houses without battery backups need to be tied to power grid so they get power they need when their system is down or cannot absorb light.

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How to Purchase Solar Panels for Small House

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