Protect Bathroom Grout From Deterioration

If your bathroom tile looks great now, it is not assumed. Protect it while it is still in good condition, since the slurry does not last a lifetime. What hurts is that most of bleach in the common bathroom tile cleaners, while the bleach can effectively kill mold and mildew, can also erode the grout for years, causing it to crack and crumble.

However, if the silicone layer with clean while it is still fresh and new, you can keep sparkling tiles with bleach without having to worry about the cumulative damage to the slurry. Clean all the tiles and grout you want to deal with tile cleaner and paper towels. Be sure to clean everything very thoroughly, otherwise you can trap dirt beneath the silicone layer.

Protect Bathroom Grout From Deterioration

Allow tile and grout to dry completely before moving on to next step. Shake can of clear silicone to mix it, then pour small amount into plastic cup. Stir silicone in cup with stirring stick to mix it further.

Use small, fine tip paintbrush to apply silicone directly to grout. silicone will leave slightly glossy finish when it dries, so be careful to not get it on tile. If you do get some on tile, wipe it up immediately with dry, clean paper towel.

This will prevent you from having odd-looking shiny spots on finished tiles. Allow all of applied silicone to dry completely. If you wish, you can apply second coat of silicone after first coat has completely dried and hardened.

Allow final coat to dry completely before turning on shower in bathroom. Even if grout you treated is not in immediate area of shower, condensation created by hot shower can interfere with even drying process of silicone.

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How to Protect Bathroom Grout From Deterioration

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