Protect Air Conditioner From Being Stolen

Air conditioners can be lifesavers during hot and humid weather when heat stroke is common among elderly and people with medical conditions. During heat waves, air conditioning can become valuable commodities. As result, they can be stolen from air conditioners if not properly protected.

thief may want air conditioning itself, or it could be looking to sell various components of air conditioning system since copper can provide high gain. Protection against theft of air conditioning requires regular care to ensure that it remains safe. Install cage around your air conditioner.

Protect Air Conditioner From Being Stolen

Cages are specifically designed to prevent air conditioning theft, and thief is more likely to move on to easier target than try to circumvent cage. Keep air conditioning unit well-lit at night. Security lighting helps deter thieves and vandals since they prefer darkness so they are not seen during theft.

Keep your doors and windows locked. thief can quickly slide in open window even on second floor or enter through unlocked door to steal air conditioner or anything else in home. Place fence around your property.

Anything that provides additional barrier between thief and your air conditioner is useful in preventing theft. Install alarm onto your air conditioner. There are alarms specifically designed to activate when your air conditioner is being disconnected or moved.

Thieves are likely to exit quickly without your air conditioner if alarm sounds instead of trying to continue to steal it.

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How to Protect Air Conditioner From Being Stolen

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