Properly recharge Air Conditioner

This is true form charge professional split air conditioning cooling system equipped with fixed measuring device not TXV. After low load has been confirmed as problem. To load split air conditioning system, air flow over evaporator and condenser must be correct for systems of rated capacity.

Since we are dealing with fixed orifice design, it will be charged on basis of overheating necessary. At this point we have determined that we have high overheating and for this example we have confirmed low load as problem. first reading should be taken in order to determine target superheat return air indoors F WET bulb temperature using your digital psychrometer.

Properly recharge Air Conditioner

This can be obtained by drilling hole in return air duct and measuring airstream as best as possible with unit running. Note this number then move outside. Second to determine target superheat we need outdoor DRY bulb F using our digital thermometer.

Take this temperature near inlet of your condenser coil. Using this number and indoor wet bulb temperature we can refer to our target superheat slider chart. This will give us superheat we want for given operation conditions.

The first reading we need to find our actuall superheat is suction line pressure psig while unit is running at full capacity. We will of coarse be using our low side gauge connected to suction service port at our condenser. system should have been running for at least 10minutes before taking this reading.

At this point we also need suction line temperature F. Take this reading with your digital thermometer, strap your thermocouple to suction line and insulate it so that you get most accurate reading. Theoretically we want this reading as close to evaporator as possible, but for most intents and purposes this is taken close to outdoor unit for convenience.

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How to Properly recharge Air Conditioner

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