Properly Clean Your Window Air Conditioner

Following proper way to clean and maintain your air conditioning unit window achieves better cooling performance. evaporator coil window unit – coil inside – can be frozen when coils are dirty, which restricts airflow. Avoid brushing evaporator coil, which pushes more dirt coil.

air conditioning unit Disconnect. Remove front cover and slide through window and into house. Carry out.

Properly Clean Your Window Air Conditioner

Place unit on ground or picnic table. Fill spray bottle halfway with evaporator coil cleaner. Add water until bottle is full.

Remove front top panel to expose evaporator blower wheel or squirrel cage. fan blades hold dirt and mold, which affects amount of air fan can move. Remove piece of plastic foam if present in front of unit to expose blower wheel.

Put on rubber gloves and goggles. Spray both coils liberally with mixture in spray bottle. cleaner solution may foam and appear to be smoking, this is normal.

Avoid spraying unit’s controls – try to keep this area dry. Allow mixture to sit on coils for 10 minutes, breaking down dirt and algae. Wash off coils and blower wheel with garden hose, removing dirt, mold and algae.

Drain water from unit’s condensate pan and let dry. If controls have become wet, set unit in sun for about one hour before reinstalling it.

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How to Properly Clean Your Window Air Conditioner

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