Propagate Solar Energy Education

Solar energy is an attractive alternative to fossil fuels because it saves money and it’s good for the environment. Certain myths remain about solar energy, but. People still think solar energy than traditional energy sources inefficient and more expensive.

It’s hard to convince people to take a chance on new forms of energy. Achieving a step towards the acceptance of solar energy, is to educate the public about solar power and benefits that it provides to the average budget. Emphasize environment.

Propagate Solar Energy Education

People today are more concerned about their environmental footprint than ever before, and you should emphasize this when propagating educational materials on solar energy. This form of energy produces no greenhouse gases unlike oil and coal , leaves no toxic waste like nuclear and doesn’t dam up rivers like hydroelectricity . By appealing to readers environmental consciousness, you can get people thinking about what kind of world they are leaving behind for their children, and how much solar energy can contribute to better tomorrow.

Appeal to people’s pocketbooks. If being good environmental citizens is not persuasive enough, you must appeal to their desire to save money. Although cost of solar panels is high, in time it will be offset by energy savings.

On top of that, many federal and state governments provide tax credits to households that invest in carbon-reducing strategies like solar energy. Emphasizing these points in your solar energy literature will make it more appealing to your audience. Put it on Internet.

Now that you know what to say in your solar panel appeal, it’s time to think about how you will present your argument to public at large. Two factors to keep in mind are cost and reach. You have to compare cost of each option to number of people it will reach.

great way to spread word of solar energy cheaply and effectively is through Internet. YouTube videos are one way to demonstrate how to put up solar panels and wire your home for solar energy. You can create vlog video blog about why you think solar energy is good idea, edit it on standard PC and post it online for free in just few minutes.

Write article or letter to editor for your local newspaper. While Internet is wave of future, people still read newspapers and magazines, and getting pro-solar article in paper can reach audience that isn’t so computer savvy. Write letter to editor of your local newspaper.

Many smaller papers are dying for some original material to put in their opinions section, and if you make interesting case you’ll have better chance of seeing it in print. Proper grammar, clear focus and colorful imagery also appeal to editor’s eye. Use social media to spread word.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming more important in marketing of new products and ideas. If someone hears friend has found new way to, say, save money, she will be more likely to pay attention than if she hears it from telemarketer. Create Facebook groups about solar energy or start Twitter account with daily facts about solar power.

People will pass links to your material to their friends if you appeal to their desire to do good and save money.

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