Program Programmable Bathroom Scale

programmable bathroom scales can track factors such as weight, height, age and body fat composition for multiple users. WeighMax W-BF440, for example, can calculate the body fat percentage of the total weight water and up to 12 people. More complicated models, such as Omron HBF 510 use the analysis bioelectrical impedance and foot pads sensors to measure body composition.

Program your specific scale bathroom to suit your needs. Set scale on the level and smooth surface for clear and accurate reading. center tap of the scale, while in standby mode to activate the digital display.

Program Programmable Bathroom Scale

Wait for few seconds until 0.00 appears on screen, then step on scale and stand still while it calculates your weight. Step off scale when it displays your weight. Press User button to choose your user number, and then press Save.

computer will now remember you as that user until you reprogram it. Set your height, age and gender. Press Set to select your user ID and again for height mode.

Use up and down arrows and enter in your height. Press Set button to cycle through to age and then gender, using up and down arrows to enter in correct information. Wait 30 seconds until scale returns to standby mode.

Tap scale with your foot until 0.00 appears, then step onto scale for full body analysis. Press User button until your personal user ID displays on screen. Do not move until it displays your body composition and percentages.

Depending on your model, it will cycle through information such as bone mass, body mass index, lean muscle mass and multiple set weights along with corresponding dates.

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How to Program Programmable Bathroom Scale

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