Prime Bathroom Walls

You can give your bathroom dramatic image change in just the weekend to paint the walls. Because the bathroom walls are frequently exposed to steam from hot showers and splashing water from sinks, which is especially important to prime before adding new coat of paint. Priming is the preparation of walls, cleaning and adding primer paint.

Remove any carpets, then clean thoroughly with sponge walls. Use mixture of water and dishwashing detergent to remove dirt and oil stuck to the walls. Rinse the sides after washing and towel dry.

Prime Bathroom Walls

Kill any mildew present on walls. Because bathrooms are environments where moisture is often present, mildew is prone to form. Create mixture of 10 parts bleach and 90 parts water and apply it with cloth or sponge to areas with visible mildew.

Allow walls to dry completely. Sand walls if current paint color is high gloss. Use #220 fine-grit sandpaper, running it lightly over all painted areas.

Clean all surfaces with damp cloth and vacuum floors to eliminate possibility of getting sanded particles into new paint. Cover walls with white paint primer or one that is lighter shade of top coat you selected. Apply primer with paint roller or brush.

Allow acrylic primers 30 to 60 minutes to dry completely before adding top coat. Oil-based primers will need longer to dry–up to 18 hours.

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How to Prime Bathroom Walls

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