Prevent Stomach Cancer

Although doctors have yet to discover exact cause of stomach or gastric cancer, there is evidence that some factors increase risk of this disease. These factors generally relate to diet and alcohol or certain preservatives. You may prevent stomach cancer, reducing number of risk factors present in your life.

prevent stomach cancer to become familiar with risk factors involved. Stomach cancer was much more common when American diet included more preserved and cured foods, and as result, researchers have been able to identify key to avoiding food as well as many to incorporate into your diet as part of lifestyle healthy. Reduce risk of stomach cancer, avoiding diets high in smoked or pickled foods and high in salt and fish meat.

Prevent Stomach Cancer

Consider eating diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables to lower your risk of stomach cancer. diet rich in whole grain foods is also recommended by American Cancer Society. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking to help prevent stomach cancer.

Tobacco use has been proven to increase risk of many types of cancer, including stomach cancer, while consuming large amounts of alcohol has also been shown to contribute stomach cancer. Drink green tea as part of healthy diet and you may decrease your risk of stomach cancer.

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How to Prevent Stomach Cancer

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