Prevent Cancer From Alcohol and Smoking

There is substantial evidence that smoking cigarettes or cigars and drinking alcohol can cause cancer. By using prevention methods, individuals can reduce risk of cancer alcohol and snuff. Along with abstinence, there are many things person can do to develop immunity in your body and further reduce risk of cancer.

Quitting smoking now. People who smoke pack of cigarettes day double their risk of cancer. Those who smoke two packs day triple their risk of developing cancer.

Prevent Cancer From Alcohol and Smoking

However, almost immediately after individual stops smoking completely, risk of cancer starts to drop. There are many nicotine products that help individuals stop smoking, such as gum and patch. Consult your doctor if you need more than these products to help stave off craving for nicotine.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. Your body turns alcohol into chemical called acetaldehyde. This chemical is what makes individuals feel hungover morning after large drinking binge.

This chemical is also known to cause cancer by making cells in liver grow faster than normal. These cells are then more likely to have gene changes which can cause cancer to develop. Drink red wine in moderation.

Some experts suggest glass of red wine each day will help reduce risk of cancer and other health conditions. However, it’s important to drink only in moderation. More than glass of wine, drink or beer each day may increase risk of cancer.

Change your diet to help reduce cancer. Fruits and vegetables can play major role in prevention of cancer. Eating proper amounts of these foods in combination with abstinence from smoking and drinking too much alcohol can help prevent cancer.

According to researchers, eating six servings of fruits and vegetables per 1,000 calories can help reduce chances of cancer by 29 percent when compared with individuals who eat approximately 1.5 servings per 1,000 calories see Resources section below . Get regular exercise. Individuals should at least walk for approximately 15 minutes day.

Cardiovascular exercises and aerobic exercises can also be helpful in boosting immune system as well as fighting off free radicals, which are known to cause cancer.

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How to Prevent Cancer From Alcohol and Smoking

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