Prepare Your Roof for Solar Energy

Installation of solar panels on the roof, you can directly the energy requirement to carry electricity to your home, significantly reduce your bills and your carbon footprint is reduced. Cleaning and prepping your roof before installation of solar panels installation is much easier. You must ensure that your roof provides stable surface that will be able to support weight of solar cells.

In addition, keep your roof clear of debris and maintenance of solar cells regularly they will keep working optimally. Contact your local zoning agency to determine if there are any zoning ordinances, the solar panels are. If you do not know this Agency to contact as, contact your local government.

Prepare Your Roof for Solar Energy

Someone there will be able to direct you to correct office. You also may want to discuss your plans with your neighbors. Solar panels may cause some glare, and neighbors might find their appearance unsightly.

Contact roof contractor and schedule inspection to double-check your roof’s integrity. According to Horizon Energy Systems, best time to install solar panels is right after your roof has been replaced. Many solar panels can last decades, so you don’t want to have to replace your roof after just installing solar panels.

Also, south- or southwest-facing panels will generally receive most sunlight, so have contractor find beams and wooden studs under your roofing that are available for you to anchor panel’s mounts. Call solar panel installation company to set up estimate. Choose type of solar panel you will install and choose setup for channeling electricity into your home’s power supply. Clean your roof thoroughly and hose off any debris.

You can use ordinary outdoor hose or carefully use pressure washer.

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How to Prepare Your Roof for Solar Energy

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