Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner for Spring

Spring is perfect time to get your central air conditioning in efficiency out time. little work now will save on their energy bills, and possibly avoid costly repairs. Start outside with condensing unit.

This is really heart and lungs of your system central / C. Switch to start finding condensing unit and flip switch off. Remove screws to control panel of condensing unit and use voltage meter to check power to unit.

Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner for Spring

If voltage has indeed been turned off then begin inspection of controls and components. Begin with run capacitor. visually check capacitor looking for two things.

First see if capacitor is leaking. You will know it is leaking if it has sticky residue on it. Then check capacitor to see if capacitor is shorted or blown.

this can be done by looking at top of capacitor, does it look domed or rounded at top if it shows any of these two replace capacitor. Very important, capacitors ratings must be same, if rating is no longer visible then take condensing units model number down and it can be looked up by parts store for correct run capacitor. Now visually check contactor.

You will be looking at points. This is where contactor closes to complete current to fan motor and compressor. If points look pitted or burned, then replace it.

Also check all wiring, if any wires look burned, or spade clips look bad replace wires and/or spade clips. Now you can close component panel. Now open top of unit, this is where condenser fan motor is.

remove all screws around side to allow top to be removed and placed to side carefully. Now take your garden hose with spray nozzle and wash your condenser from inside out. You want to wash condenser this way so not to push dirt and debris further into condenser coils.

You are washing reverse direction of air pull. It is better to start at top and wash downwards, you will be able to see dirt and debris being washed out of coils. I do not recommend using of chemicals, because if not used properly this will result in damage to coils fins.

Next look at fan motor and look to see if this is oilable motor, if it is it will have some small caps to remove and add oil. remember to place caps back on motor. Now you need to flip breaker off to indoor unit so that you can oil indoor motor and check indoor fan motors run capacitor.

You will do this same way as you did outside, visually checking capacitor for leaks and oiling fan motor if it is oilable motor. Now replace filter and reset all breakers. This maintenance should be done at least twice year.

If you do this regularly you will save hundreds on your light bill and repair costs.

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How to Prepare Your Central Air Conditioner for Spring

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