Power Your Home With Solar Energy

One of the biggest problems with solar energy is that it requires large number of collectors typical home to power, so many that the roof of the house could not support additional weight. For this reason it is important to first reduce the amount of energy that you use as energy efficient as possible through your house. Determine your power consumption by to check your last 12 months bills.

Determine your monthly average usage by adding kilowatt hours for the year and divided by 12. This information will let you know how many solar panels you need. Find collectors who are your energy needs.

Power Your Home With Solar Energy

If you intend to install energy-efficient appliances, determine their energy usage before purchasing collectors. Ideally, install enough solar collectors to slightly exceed your power needs. Purchase solar collectors and install them on roof using mounting supplies included with solar panels.

There are two types of mounts, roof ground mounts and flush mounts. In both cases, mounts bolt to roof of your home with self-tapping mounting bolt or bolt that must be pre-drilled. difference is that roof ground mounts are positioned slightly above shingles of roof, and flush mounts hold solar panel directly against roof. Lift solar panels onto roof, assemble their mounts, then position them where they are exposed to greatest amount of sunlight during day and year.

Take into account trees on your property that might block sunlight. For example, if front of house faces east and backyard is filled with trees, best place for solar panels is on front roof because afternoon sun is blocked in back. Pre-drill mounting holes for solar panel mounting brackets if necessary.

If mounts use self-tapping bolts, screw them into roof with socket wrench. Spread roofing tar around and over mount to prevent rainwater from entering home.

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How to Power Your Home With Solar Energy

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