Power House With Solar Energy

The solar energy provides clean, independent power source. average starter system costs about $ 6,000. Many states offer incentives to compensate for these costs.

average system pays off in six to eight years for themselves. Determine your home sunlight. Although you want solar powered home, your house may not be suitable location.

Power House With Solar Energy

Successful home solar energy systems require climates with high number of sunny days. Visit National Weather Service online to learn number of sunny days your area experiences. Southern latitudes are better suited to solar systems.

most efficient systems face south, so south-facing roof free of obstructions and shading provides best installation area. Calculate your energy needs. Average last 12 months of kilowatt consumption from your electric bills and divide by hours of sun per month to determine appropriate size for photovoltaic system you’ll need.

standards for hours of sun per month are 150 in coastal areas, 155 in mountains, and 160 in sunny areas. Check with your local planning office to learn about and apply for any needed permits. Design panel arrangement. Producing one kilowatt of energy requires between 80 to 100 square feet of solar panels.

Depending on your energy needs, installing enough panels to cover all of your energy needs could cover much or all of south side of your roof. architect with experience in solar systems can help you design PV panel arrangement that will maximize efficiency and provide visual appeal. Purchase equipment.

Most components can be purchased online or, in larger cities, from building supply stores and electrical supply stores. Choose PV modules manufactured by established company that offers 20- to 25-year warranty. grid-tied inverter, which converts PV module’s DC current into AC current used in homes, should offer 10-year warranty.

These store locations should also carry racking, or framework, and mounting standoffs.

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How to Power House With Solar Energy

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