Power House Off of Solar Panels

The sun is a source of potentially limitless energy that can power your home with proper equipment. Photovoltaic solar panels, which are small, light and easy to install, you can use energy from solar rays, into electricity that can be used to household appliances are immediately or stored for later use run. Although initial cash outlay power house with solar panels can be quite high, possible reduction in energy costs worth of effort and of itself. /> Mountain three solar panels fitted on the roof of the house
Power House Off of Solar Panels

Place charge controller in attic or roof space of house, to keep wires going to solar panels short. Connect positive and negative wires from circuit of photovoltaic cells to positive and negative input terminals of 12-volt charge controller. charge controller regulates battery charging, ensuring that battery does not overcharge.

Attach wires to positive and negative output terminals of charge connector. Attach wires from positive and negative terminals on charge connector to positive and negative input terminals on deep cycle gel battery. For best results and ease of use, use wing nuts to wire up circuit and connect one wire at time.

Turn off main electric power at circuit breakers. Wire battery into household electrical system. If you do not know how to do this, do not attempt it yourself, as it is extremely dangerous.

Hire local electrician to wire in your solar power for you if you are unsure about what you are doing.

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How to Power House Off of Solar Panels

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