Plumb Drain in Bathroom Sink

bathroom sinks can easily become a backup due to hair, soap scum and other accumulations. If you notice your bathroom sink drain slowly, it is best to take care of the situation before drainage has completely stopped up. There are few ways to clean the sink drain, depending on the severity and depth of the obstruction.

Fill up the sink with water stuck half. Apply petroleum jelly on the edge of the piston and create seal around sink drains bathroom. Cover the overflow hole safely with a rag.

Plumb Drain in Bathroom Sink

Plunge sink drain 15 to 20 times by pushing up and down on handle. This should force obstruction through drain. Pour cup of baking soda down drain, followed by cup of white distilled vinegar.

Cover drain and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Pour pot of boiling water down drain. baking soda and vinegar solution will clear drain without harsh chemicals.

Locate sink trap beneath bathroom sink and remove cap. Guide plumber’s snake auger into trap until you feel obstruction. Crank bit of cable through obstruction and then recoil to catch obstruction.

You may have to go back and forth few times to relieve drain.

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How to Plumb Drain in Bathroom Sink

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