Play With 6-Month-Old Baby

At six months, you may notice that your baby has become more fearful of new people. But fortunately, her shyness probably fade quickly, and after few minutes he will relax and become sociable and ready to play. following information has been adapted from book series

Dr. Segal, his son in game. Has playdate When two babies 6 months of age are together, they will notice and imitate each other. While investigating each other, they will learn to make distinctions between toys and people.

Play With 6-Month-Old Baby

Take active role in helping your baby tune into language by playing naming games with her. Point to things – like her eyes, nose, hands or toys – as you say their names. Store her things in small container, and you’ll probably find that she enjoys taking them out.

Go for several smaller containers instead of one large toy chest, it’ll be easier for her to manage. Tie Mylar or other nonbreakable balloon to her stroller with wide ribbon. She’ll like watching it, and she might pull on ribbon and watch balloon move.

Get her mirror, you might find it’s one of her favorite toys. She’ll talk, kiss and pat her reflection. We hope the information on How to Play With 6-Month-Old Baby is helpful to you.

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How to Play With 6-Month-Old Baby

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