Play With 1-Month-Old Baby

In one month, baby is getting better to associate with things he hears things he sees. Playing with him will help you hone your new skills. following information has been adapted from book series

Dr. Segal, his son in game. Use lullabies to introduce your baby with rhythm and cadence. Use old favorites like one, two, buckle my shoe, or make your own.

Play With 1-Month-Old Baby

Make puppet out of paper plate and move it back and forth about 10 inches from your baby’s face. After while he’ll learn to follow it with his eyes and greet it with smile. Use straw to blow warm breath on your baby’s arms and tummy.

As your baby focuses attention on different parts of his body, he learns more about himself. Attach piece of elastic to small stuffed animal and attach elastic to ceiling. Position your baby under it and make animal jump and bounce.

Stroke different parts of your baby’s body gently with paintbrush, feather or cotton ball. He will respond with contented expression or even smile. We hope the information on How to Play With 1-Month-Old Baby is helpful to you.

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How to Play With 1-Month-Old Baby

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