Plan Navajo Wedding

A wedding ceremony Navajo is not limited to joining woman and man in spiritual marriage, but also conveys traditions of Navajo heritage to next generation. Some elements of ceremony are modified in historic ceremony to accommodate modern amenities and sensibilities. Arranged marriages are no longer custom, and stopped in middle of 20th century.

The practice of building Hogan, traditional eight-sided house has been abandoned in favor of holding ceremony at home of relative or existing Hogan. Arrange visit between parents, traditionally home of parents of bride. groom’s parents propose on behalf of your child. In European culture, bride came into marriage with dowry.

Plan Navajo Wedding

In Navajo culture, opposite is practiced. groom’s parents bestow gifts of livestock or goods to bride’s parents with their offer of marriage. In 21st century, jewelry or currency are given in lieu of agricultural items.

Set date for wedding ceremony. Traditionally, date is set by bride’s family and occurs within several days. In modern times, date can be several weeks or months after visit.

Locate hogan. hogan, traditional dwelling of arbor branches, was built where wedding ceremony would take place. hogan symbolized new family’s independence and privacy.

In 20th and 21st century, weddings take place at home of relatives of bride or at pre-existing hogan. Construct or gather ceremonial items. bride carries basket.

The medicine man carries water jug. Instead of flowers, there is corn mush inside. During ceremony, medicine man sprinkles white or blue mush with pollen from four different directions, signifying seeding and growth of couple’s life together.

Arrange participants. In hogan or relative’s house, groom is positioned on west side with his mother. Other relatives are placed on north side.

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