Plan Bathroom Renovation

To plan your dream bathroom, you need to make practices and design considerations. By creating and sticking to budget, learn more about current trends in bathroom renovations and planning added features useful, you can transform your bathroom in just a couple of weeks. plan timeline.

You should allow about two days of demolition of old bathroom and two days each for carpentry, plumbing, flooring and drywall. Liners usually takes longer, about three days, and items such as cabinets, fixtures, insulation, drywall and electrical work generally takes no more than a day. Allow contingencies.

Plan Bathroom Renovation

Add two to three days for extra time allowance on top of everything else. Expect unexpected. Consider how many people are going to be using bathroom on regular, daily basis.

For example, if you’re renovating your en-suite bathroom in your master bedroom, which both you and your spouse use, you might consider adding his and hers sinks. This will allow you to use bathroom in morning simultaneously to finish up grooming and get out door faster. Plan for ample cabinet space because having enough storage space is absolutely essential to keeping your bathroom clean and free of clutter.

If you consider all products that accumulate in bathroom over time–cleaning products, toiletries, grooming products, and so on–you can see that more storage space you have, easier it will be to keep everything neat and organized. Decide on tiling and wallpaper styles, as well as color scheme. Whites and grays can give bathrooms sleek, sterile appearance that some people find appealing.

Others, meanwhile, enjoy bathrooms with richer colors, like shades of red and lavender.

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How to Plan Bathroom Renovation

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