Pay Off High Balance Credit Cards

It is always a good idea to pay high credit card balance. You can do it slowly or you can do so by trading in interest rates. Taking out a loan to pay off other is a short-term solution to a problem.

You still have the same debt, just different terms. However, this can make the debt easier to handle and with little focus, you can delete. Apply for home loan or line of credit.

Pay Off High Balance Credit Cards

If you haven’t gotten too far behind on your payments and your credit is still decent, apply for loan. Home Equity Loans or Lines of Credit can have much lower interest rates and you would only have one payment. This could make your monthly payment easier to handle.

Use at least half of money you save by getting loan to pay on principal of new loan. For example, if you save $200 month by consolidating debt into one loan, than take $100 month and put it towards principal and pay loan off earlier. Stop using credit cards.

While you have consolidation loan, all you have done is trade interest rates. You still have same debt. Don’t make mistake of charging up your credit cards again and getting into more debt.

Cut credit cards up until new loan is paid off. Pay off smallest balance credit card you have. This solution may take more time than consolidation loan but you will be far less likely to get into more debt and you won’t have lien put on your home as you would with Home Equity loan.

Take money that you used to pay smallest credit card and put it towards next. Let’s say you were paying $50 month on credit card you just paid off. Take that $50 and apply it towards next credit card, along with its monthly payment.

second credit card you work on paying off may be next smallest or one with highest interest rate. If you have one with particularly high interest rate, you may want to get rid of that one first.

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How to Pay Off High Balance Credit Cards

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