Pay Off Debt Using 401k

If you have a large debt that is compromising its ability to secure funding for important functions such as cars or a new home, it might be possible for you to borrow against your 401k to reduce its debtload buys. This can be an advantage because 401k loans are usually not reported to the credit bureaus, while outstanding debt negatively affects your credit score. Approach your employer about the possibility of obtaining loans against your 401k money rather than simply withdraw from the plan.

In this way, you can avoid tax penalties from the Internal Revenue Service to access your account before you have reached the age of 59 standard 1 or 2. Employers with loan programs in place usually pay money interest rate in line with money is earning interest while tied at 401k. Consult your 401k administrator on how to access your Summary Plan Description SPD.

Pay Off Debt Using 401k

Here, terms under which you are permitted to withdraw money in your 401k account early will be laid out. Generally, you must be facing significant financial hardship to qualify for early access to your 401k money. Withdraw only as much as you need to pay off your debt if, in fact, you do qualify to withdraw from your retirement savings plan.

If you are under age of 59 1 or 2, you will normally be facing 10 percent penalty on amount of deduction, in addition to standard income tax rates on amount of money you take out. While there are ways to avoid these penalties, they require you to draw money out in annual installments, which will generally not be helpful to people looking to pay off debt month by month. Use money you get from your 401k plan to promptly eliminate your outstanding debt.

Manage future debt responsibly to improve your credit rating, so that you can avoid having to tap into your 401k again in future. Establish long-term plan to replenish money you withdrew from your 401k, if you took money directly from plan. If you borrowed from your employer, you will normally have your wages garnished to refund loan amount.

While using your 401k to reduce debt isn’t normally advisable practice, you can prevent long-term damage to your financial stability by replacing what you took.

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How to Pay Off Debt Using 401k

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