Pay Karmic Debt

Karma is the Sanskrit word that means action, although the Buddhist concept of karma is much more complicated than that. Translation is difficult, but the karma can be interpreted roughly as you will receive what is given and is strongly related to its intention to perform the act. Western society often sees karma in terms of debt and surplus, but actually to pay the karmic debt must purge himself of negative intentions – including the desire to pay your karmic debt.

Avoid negative thoughts. When he realizes he is thinking negatively, if it is specific person, event or object, replace those thoughts with positive ones. For example, if you are not enjoying your sandwich, think about how good it is to have food or the interesting thing is the taste. Encourage your positive thoughts. Recognize when something is seen, either in his own mind or tells someone about it.

Pay Karmic Debt

Remove your delusions. See world and everything in it for awe-inspiring creation it is. If you think gloomy days are ugly, take note of way gray sky makes other colors appear richer.

If you do not like rain, know that it is encouraging growth of beautiful things, such as flowers. Feel compassion for all beings. Grieve sadness in others way you would grieve for yourself.

Open your mind to suffering of others, and feel love for them. Examine your regret, and learn from it. Understand why you did things that hurt other people, and realize how you have grown and become wiser for it.

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How to Pay Karmic Debt

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