Paint Porcelain Tub, Sink or Toilet

Do you have dirty-looking porcelain sink, tub or toilet Maybe when plumbing fixtures, pink or blue toilets and sinks were installed rage. Taking out old toilet, sink or tub often means nearby tile damage or counters. If you are not ready to remodel the entire bathroom, but just can not live with the current state of its accessories, consider painting.

Cover with paint accessories can completely change the look of your bathroom with a very low cost. accessory clean thoroughly with trisodium phosphate TSP. TSP will remove all soap residue and dirt from the bathtub or sink, and the dull sheen.

Paint Porcelain Tub, Sink or Toilet

This will help epoxy primer better adhere to porcelain. Sand plumbing fixture thoroughly. Use palm sander and medium-grit sandpaper for more uniform finish.

Sanding will create some texture for primer to sink into and will also smooth out chips in porcelain. Remove medium-grit sandpaper and replace with fine-grit paper. Sand entire tub, sink or toilet to create perfectly smooth surface.

Wipe off sanding dust with damp rag. Wipe on coat of bonding agent with paper towel. Apply light coat of bonding agent and allow chemical to dry for 5 minutes.

Apply epoxy primer to porcelain. Avoid visible brush strokes by applying thin, even coats of primer. Paint with good quality brush and move brush in one direction.

Allow first coat to dry.

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How to Paint Porcelain Tub, Sink or Toilet

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