Paint Bathroom Wall

There are many reasons to paint the bathroom wall — just want to change color to the need to paint, because the old paint is dirty and not come clean or is pulling away from moisture in the bathroom. Before choosing the color of the bathroom wall, decide on the decor of the bathroom and the amount of change you want. Get samples of paint cards to match the current colors or to take with you when choosing new accessories, so you can be sure the color you choose will match.

Remove all accessories such as shower curtain, toilet paper holders, towel racks and other wall hangings. Remove any carpets or rugs. Cover the soil with painting canvas.

Paint Bathroom Wall

If bathroom has window, open window so that paint odor is vented. For items that cannot be removed, such as mirrors, tape edges, so as not to get paint on them. Flat mirrors can easily be removed prior to painting.

Tape off baseboards, if they are going to be different color. If not, just tape edges of floor. Tape around edges of ceiling where it meets walls.

Tape off edges of bathtub or shower, vanity and toilet. Make sure tape is even with wall and that it adheres well, so paint cannot get under tape. Use paint brush in and around tight areas and areas that are against fixtures.

Even with tape around places you do not want painted, roller could easily splatter paint. paintbrush also allows you to make sure you get close to edge of taped-off item, giving your paint job professional look. Get into hard-to-reach areas, such as wall behind base of toilet, with paintbrush.

Remove tank to paint behind tank. If you do not want to remove tank, remove tank cover, then paint as far down as you can reach with small paint brush. If removing tank, do not forget to shut water off before you drain water from tank.

Paint walls using paint roller. Allow paint to dry pursuant to manufacturer’s recommendation. Apply second coat if wanted or needed.

Allow second coat to dry completely. Remove tape. Depending on how steady you are with paint brush, you may want to retape freshly painted walls so that you don’t get contrasting color for baseboards on wall.

Paint baseboards using paint brush. If you have beveled baseboards, use small artist’s brush to do top of bevel. This will help keep paint from making runs.

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How to Paint Bathroom Wall

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