Paint Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathrooms can be a challenge to paint because of all the built-in accessories and features you need to avoid. Although wall area is lower than in most other rooms, bathroom requires a lot of preparation work before painting. Determine what type of surface of the wall panels have before buying paint.

Some surfaces, especially slippery such as rolling, may require primer paint to help adhere properly. Use a screwdriver to remove the face plates of all light switches and electrical outlets panels will be painted. Put the face plates aside for safekeeping.

Paint Bathroom Wall Panels

Use painter’s tape to mask any trim or wall features that you don’t wish to paint. Cover floor and permanent fixtures, such as tub or toilet, with drop cloth. Use angled brush or edging tool to cut in paint around edges of panel.

Fill in center of panel with roller, working from top to bottom of panel to avoid visible drips. Remove painter’s tape carefully from trim. Clean up any stray drips and uneven edges while paint is still wet.

Allow paint to dry completely before replacing face plates. natural humidity in bathroom might cause paint to take longer to dry than usual.

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How to Paint Bathroom Wall Panels

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