Paint Acrylic Tubs

Hot tubs are large tubs containing water is heated and often have pressurized water jets to create soothing sensation. You can get baths in different materials like porcelain, ceramics and even acrylic. If your walls are stained bathtub or simply tire of current scheme, you can easily give facelift.

Acrylic paint your tub work is pretty easy, but you will have to devote some energy and a few days for work. Drain the bath water so it is completely empty, and the sand inside the tub with sandpaper grit 100. Starting from a corner of the bathtub and avoid even the pattern to cover every corner.

Paint Acrylic Tubs

Pour ½ quart of muriatic acid into bucket with 1 gallon of water. Mix water and acid together thoroughly. Dip brush into mixture and clean entire tub.

Start at bottom of tub, working up sides, and add more mixture if brush gets dry. Rinse grit and acid off inside of tub and allow it to dry overnight. Make sure you get all of dirt and acid off or paint won’t adhere to tub.

Mix resin and hardener from painting kit together with color you are using. Mix them all thoroughly to ensure color is consistent.

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How to Paint Acrylic Tubs

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