Organize Halloween Fundraiser

Charities are always looking for new and interesting ways to raise money for their causes. Some of best and most successful fund-raising are unique, so it is important to fundraising stand out from everyone else. One way to do this is to take advantage of nearby party and embrace spirit of celebration so as to allow people to donate to charity at same time.

Children of all ages love to dress up and go out for Halloween, and holding fundraising Halloween gives them not only safe place to go but also helps charity in need. pick up date. Be aware that cities and municipalities in area send their little ones out trick or treating, as fundraising on that date could not attract more families with young children.

Organize Halloween Fundraiser

Arrange for food. Hit up local grocery stores for donations of cider, cookies, apples and candy. If there are any large farms or cider mills in area, be sure to ask them as well.

Be sure to do this well in advance to give organizations plenty of time to respond. Offer to put up sign or banner giving them credit for donations, and some free advertising as encouragement to donate. Organize games.

Bobbing for apples is old favorite, but might not be practical for those in colder climates. Set aside place for 10-foot-by-10-foot square of hay to lay out, hide candy and some larger prizes in hay and have kids hunt for it. For those who have access to tennis court, parking lot or strip of road, set up hockey game with gourd instead of puck and brooms instead of sticks.

Set up some guessing games. Have individuals guess how many pieces of candy corn are in jar, or how many chocolate eyeballs are in cauldron. Charge 50 cents or $1 per guess.

Check with local farmers to see if anyone would be willing to set up hay ride. This can be another great free event to help attract visitors to fundraiser. On hayride, hand out cups of cider, tell ghost stories, or if charity is appropriate, tell some of success stories of charity.

This is also great time to tell people what charity needs, whether it be donations of money, supplies or more volunteers.

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How to Organize Halloween Fundraiser

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