Order Solar Panels

Solar panels are made up of cells, which convert solar energy into electricity. These cells collect solar radiation from the sun and turn it into electricity that can be used in your home. Solar panels come in various sizes.

They are sold by Watt in general, so you pay about four dollars per watt from January 2011. To how many watts of solar energy that you need, you must know how many watts of energy you consume. Use Estimator system size to determine how many watts of electricity used at home to see References.

Order Solar Panels

Locate reputable solar panel dealer in your area. If you have friends with solar panels, ask them where they purchased their panels. Visit solar panel installer’s link in references and do search by state for installers in your area.

Request price quote from two to three different solar energy companies. Price quotes should be free. If company charges you for price quote, choose different company.

Look over quotes you received. Based on quotes, reputation of company and work company will do for you, choose which solar panel company you will order your panels from.

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How to Order Solar Panels

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