obtain solar panels for free

Solar energy is hot topic that makes sense, it is free energy once hardware is paid. I’ll show you a resource where you can get free solar cells. You often see signs around construction sites, which are time solar powered of time these signs of drunk driving or rubber neckers construction areas are damaged by.

Look find contractor closely for signs and you will sticker with phone number of traffic signs rental. Use the pen and paper to write down the number. Ask for maintaince shop manager or head mechanic and ask damaged him free you panels.If have children who experments like to do if you have questions.

obtain solar panels for free

Most companies love to help kids doing school or class project. Most all traffic rental sign contractors have free solar panels that have some cracks or slightly damaged when drunk drivers hit parked sign trailers. They replace them and throw away damaged ones.

We started asking for them and they let us have them for free. most of panels work but only put off 50% to 75% power off, but for free who would complain when they cost 2200.00 each new. Test and repair damaged panels as needed, cracks can be resealed with clear silicone.

Wiring can be soldered back together. Thank shop mechanic with box of doughnuts and he might even call you when he has some more discard solar panels

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How to obtain solar panels for free

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