Negotiate with Auto Insurance Settlements

A car accident can be very serious ordeal. You may have to deal with injuries, emotional trauma and vehicle that can not be driven. You can take time off from work, and fixing your vehicle your medical bills not paid may be an option.

If you earn even in a car accident or if only damage was done to your car have been violated, you deserve an insurance claim settlement, and there are strategies for billing negotiate with insurance. Gather all your records and documentation before you set up meeting with disaster. This includes medical bills, vehicle repair estimates police report and pictures from your vehicle and your injuries.

Negotiate with Auto Insurance Settlements

You should also have paperwork from your company verifying how many days of work you missed and how much money was lost during this time. If you need future medical treatment, bring proof of this from your doctor. Bring copies of all your documentation and paperwork to give to insurance adjuster.

This shows that you have nothing to hide and that you’re ready and willing to share all facts about auto accident. Be prepared for insurance adjuster’s questions. She may attempt to confuse you so that you change your story.

Don’t be intimidated by insurance adjuster. Know facts, recreate scene and have your paperwork and documentation ready to back you up. Have idea of amount you need for your settlement, and don’t accept less.

You have your medical bills, and you should have vehicle repair estimate as well. If you needed to take time off work to recover, you know how much money you lost. Add up all these sums and make it clear to adjuster that you deserve every penny you lost as result of accident.

Don’t ignore your pain and suffering. Typically, amount victims are awarded for pain and suffering is three times total amount of medical bills. Have this figure prepared, and let adjuster know extent of your injuries and that you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

Don’t waiver on this point, and don’t let adjuster cite other examples of similar cases where victim received less. You’re meeting with adjuster to discuss your case and your case only.

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How to Negotiate with Auto Insurance Settlements

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