Negotiate Chase Credit Card Settlement

the credit card debt is one of the main problems that affect people across the country, and a Chase credit card is one of the most commonly used. high interest rates, along with the decline in wealth during the economic recession, the debt is increasing at breakneck speed. Today, people owe more on their credit cards because they are using these cards to cover things that their paychecks no longer can.

It is possible to negotiate with the company on their own or with the help of company debt settlement to help with the liquidation of Chase credit cards. Calculate how much money you owe on your credit card. You can do this by looking at your statement Chase credit card you get in the mail every month.

Negotiate Chase Credit Card Settlement

You can also go to Chase website and access your account. If you are new user, you will need to get user ID, which is easy and free. Click user ID link above login area and then follow onscreen instructions.

See Resources for link . Determine if you have enough money to pay debt in lump sum. If you do, then you should pay debt off immediately.

This will eliminate any interest fees and late penalties that you will accrue if you pay it off slowly. Of course, many people don’t have money to pay whole debt at once. In this case, you can try to negotiate with company for credit card settlement.

Call customer service representative at 800 432-3117, or send email. phone services are available 24 hours day, seven days week. Once you get someone on line, politely ask if they are able to reduce your interest rates or if they are willing to negotiate settlement for lower balance.

Find experienced debt negotiator at site such as Freedom Debt Relief, debt management company that specializes in negotiating credit card settlements. See Resources for link. Be aware that these companies charge fees for their service. In many cases, fees are 20 percent to 25 percent of savings that they can give you.

For example, if you have debt of $4,000 and company can negotiate so that you only owe $2,000, you would owe company percentage of savings. If 20 percent is charged, you would owe $400. Ask representatives of company charges.

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How to Negotiate Chase Credit Card Settlement

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