Naturally Unclog Bathroom Sink

There are many things that are washed down the drain daily bath. Over time, hair, makeup, styling products and other things can accumulate inside the sink drain bathroom, causing obstruction. While there are commercial products available for use in unclogging the bathroom sink, these products are full of chemicals that can be harmful to people, animals and the environment.

unclog the bathroom sink naturally, using supplies from home. Your bathroom sink will be clean, free of obstructions and ready to use again. Things old towel in the overflow hole in the bathroom sink.

Naturally Unclog Bathroom Sink

This is normally located on sink wall, underneath faucet. Place your plunger completely over drain in your bathroom sink. Use quick up and down movements to create air pressure inside drain.

Continue this for minute. Run water in your bathroom sink to see if it goes down at normal rate of speed. If not, continue on to step 4.

Measure and pour one half cup of baking soda into your bathroom sink drain. Follow this by adding one half cup of white vinegar. Allow baking soda and white vinegar combination to sit in your bathroom sink drain for at least 15 minutes.

chemical reaction caused by two ingredients works to loosen and dissolve fatty acids, soap scum and other particles that cause clogging. Boil small pot of water. Pour boiling water down your bathroom sink drain.

This will wash away your drain unclogging solution and any remaining clog.

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How to Naturally Unclog Bathroom Sink

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