Mount Undermount Bathroom Sink

A bathroom sink undercounter life will give you free use of leak if installed correctly. If you are remodeling the bathroom and use of existing countertop, measure your sink opening before buying sink. New counters need to cut hole using the template provided with the new sink.

professional for cutting marble or granite countertops for installation of the sink to avoid costly mistakes cars. Place worktop face up on the set of easels. Set cutting template comes with new sink, and track cut in the countertop with a pencil.

Mount Undermount Bathroom Sink

You will be tracing location of sink and three holes for faucet onto countertop. Drill holes inside traced corners of countertop with drill and 1-inch hole saw. Cut traced template out of countertop with jigsaw.

Drill holes for faucet using appropriate-size hole saw. Sand edges smooth with fine-grit sandpaper. Turn countertop over so bottom is facing up.

Lay top of sink on countertop, while helper looks under countertop to center sink. Trace around corners of sink with pencil after centering. Lift sink up and set sink with bowl facing up.

Clean top rim of sink and mounting edge of countertop with denatured alcohol. This will prepare surfaces for silicone caulk. Apply ΒΌ-inch bead of silicone caulk around top rim of undermount sink with caulking gun.

Cover entire perimeter of top rim as this is what will seal sink to countertop. Set top of sink over countertop, placing sink between corner tracings. Press sink firmly onto countertop.

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How to Mount Undermount Bathroom Sink

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