Mount Solar Panels

The switch to solar energy can save you money and invest in reliable energy source that is not harmful to the environment. Solar panels are arrays of solar cells that collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, which we call home. Since it involves physical work, solar panels installation for average DIY enthusiast can be somewhat difficult task.

Nevertheless, many people choose to install the solar system on their own, as it reduces initial solar setup costs. Decide on the spot on the roof where you want to install solar panels. Make sure the selected area gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

Mount Solar Panels

Depending on shape of roof and angle at which it receives sunlight, you may have to slightly tilt panels to get optimum amount of sunlight. For countries lying in Northern hemisphere, mount solar panels facing south. Locate supporting rafters on roof using stud finder.

Upon locating rafters, mark them using chalk or anything similar because this is where you are going to install solar panel mounts. Place solar mounts on these rafters. Use electric drill for pre-drilling small holes in middle of each rafter. This will prevent splintering of wood.

You can use twine or laser level for keeping mounts in straight line, otherwise, it is difficult to keep them straight. Insert stainless steel lag bolts into holes you just drilled in roof rafters. This will secure mounts to roof.

Secure metal rails to top of mounts you just installed on rafters. These metal rails are secured using 3 or 8 inches stainless steel lag bolts. Now install panels on these mounting rails. They usually snap into place on rails and you can then secure them using lag bolts. rails keep panels elevated from roof, thereby ensuring adequate ventilation.

This also prevents moisture buildup, hence decreasing chances of mold and mildew under panels.

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How to Mount Solar Panels

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